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Hi, I’ll be away for a few days, since I can’t look at screens right now.

I won’t be posting anything until my eyes get better…  which i hope will be very soon. /_\ I can’t really see much anything right now, hahaha.

(sorry I don’t like posting these kind of diaries… orz) But please have a good day still!! Take care of your health, it’s #1 important!

On the third day, the god of the waterpond said : “why is imperfection a human trait?”

In the lake, the waterlilies replied : “so they can learn. Imperfections make life interesting.”

Inktober 14 - originally on a 6.5x11cm (2.5x4.3”) paper


A letter from Keith Haring, to a young Basquiat.

ETA : According to  (fundation), the letter from Keith wasn’t written to young Basquiat, but to a young fan. (Thank you for personally rectifying this!)

"Draw ideas, not things; action, not poses; gestures, not anatomical structures."
Walt Stanchfield (via thisismyplacetobe)

Inktober 13 - "You’re at it again!"

tired and sick, need to rest my eyes, yet i want to read and draw. I just can’t lie down comfortably doing nothing. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE

Inktober 12 - picked up my favourite books again!


I know I haven’t been on tumblr much lately, but it’s because I’ve been working on our webcomic, Devil’s Candy like crazy! And just wanted to announce  to you guys that it will be launching Oct. 20!

THAT’S LIKE, IN 10 DAYS! *panic*

But yeah, I’ll keep you posted with pics and w.i.p.! I’m so excited!!!
( ノシシ ◎ o ◎ )ノシシ

I AM WAY TOO EXCITED FOR THIS. go go follow !!! >o<)9//!!! Amazing webcomic that will be updated again by amazing rem!! (in tandem / co-made with bikkuri)

Inktober 10 & 11 - Departure & Bear waving

Silhouettes for something different.

Sorry if I fell a bit off the track, I’ve been a bit sick these past days. Weather already got colder here… Have a nice day! (Please have some rest whenever you can!)